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I think bashing would be things like a laundry list of models and what's wrong with 'em. I don't see that here.
I have a ufly that I still fly quite often. I bought it like 2 yrs ago. Find me an in stock source for the drive shaft. The drive shaft is carbon fiber and it "feathers" at the ends in a very short time. I have 4 left and it appears that when I use those the ufly will be toast.
My first was a the original walkera 4. In I think mid 2010? they replaced it with version 2 - only a few parts were interchangeable and v1 parts vanished. I emailed walkera asking where I could get blade holders and a few other pieces to keep it flying. I'll give them credit that I got an answer in 2 days, but the answer was it was replaced by version 2 and longer being supported.
That walkera 4 v2 is only about 2 yrs old, find parts for it.
I even bought the wk-2801 transmitter - which by the way is disco'd and replaced by the devo.
My brother has two small indoor walkera micros that he can't get parts for.
Literally everything that I got from walkera in the last 3 yrs has been disco'd. That's not bashing, it's just the way it is.
In defense of walkera I disagree with jasmine's oppinion of "crap electronics". They used to have a reputation for real garbage, but I think they improved in that area a lot. Not saying it's the best on the market, but crap might be a little harsh. Just my oppinion - I respect jasmine's oppinion, I just don't totally agree.

Regarding the v400d02 - I haven't scoured the web, but a quick check of of wow and xheli shows me the swashplate and main drive gear are out of stock. Wow is out of stock on the actual heli, xheli has it on sale for almost half price. That may just be a coincedence, or it may be a warning sign.
Clubheli has dropped walkera completely so I'm not sure they count anymore.

On the other hand, I did a quick search of the micro section and the first reference to the blade MCX was in 2008. I assume this is it? If so, the heli, and parts are still available.
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