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Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
There is a general consensus that the larger Walkera helis should be avoided, especially the V400D02 where there are a huge number of serious issues, Some people have even been injured by it. Although that heli was sold in Hong Kong, the vendors did not carry parts for it because it was only bought by foreign visitors.
I took time above to talk about my V400 and how I wouldn't buy one in today's market. Having said that and I feel the need to defend it now if even just a little. As mentioned, the only problem that I would consider "serious" is the servos. They are like selling a car with plastic tires. You can say it has tires, but no one should ever drive a car with them. Outside of this, while there are annoyances and disappointments, I would not call anything else about it a "serious issue". Also, anyone can be injured by any heli at any time. Outside of making the case that a servo fails mid flight causing the heli to crash into someone, I do not see anything I would suggest be considered dangerous. The rotor head and the blades are made quite well and I've never had an issue with either. Perhaps, given the cost, folks are buying this heli that really aren't skilled enough or prepared enough or experienced enough to fly it. People in over their heads like that are always a danger. This is not he V400's fault.

Again there are other helis on the market today that I would buy over this one, but I am not prepared to call the V400 unsafe or even an outrageously bad purchase. Too many faults for the market as it is today, but not a travesty.
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