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With the 3900kv motor you installed, you dont really need a front brake. Actually, to use a front brake, I would advise a better radio with a brake-mix feature (mix the throttle channel with the 3rd channel, providing braking to the front only when you push the trigger to brake). If you just put a y-cable and use only the throttle channel, you will have too much front brake and it will also brake when you hit the throttle! (think of it... the servo will move in both directions!!!! While with brake mixing, it just moves when you brake).

In my humble opinion, and since I have never raced Superbike, I would use a front brake with a 10.5T motor (around 4000 or a bit more kv) or hotter... Even with the 13.5T sensored I am using, the bike brakes very decently.
As Edi Winter said once, and he is the 2011 World Champion as you know, you'd better start learning with no front brake, and after you have mastered the driving, then add a front brake. And from what he says, he usually disables the front brake when he first hits a new track, until he learns what's needed for a fast lap.
In the end, you dont really need the brakes to STOP, but only to control the corner entry speed.
Just make sure you have fun with the bike, and try to meet with these guys around there...
I am more lonely than you, you know: I am the only active rc bike racer in my country!!!!

One more thought on the tires: If you manage to save the TT inserts, too, compare them with the PMT ones and use the harder from the two.
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