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Originally Posted by overmyhead View Post
From another poster above: "you had suggested that I start with something smaller than a 400 being a first time flyer"

For a newbie wouldn't a larger quad be a little more docile and easier to keep orientation?
I would say no. Certainly not more docile, and visibility is not really any different than on a 350 or even 325, You're going to see the quad. It's knowing which end is which in the sistance that is the issue with orientation, and for that, colored props or colored arms and lights can help, but they won't help more on a 400 than they would on a 350. And since a bigger quad is heavier, the chances of breaking something in a crash is more likely on a 400 than on a smaller frame. Smaller props are also less of a hazard for beginnesr, and they are more sturdy. And larger props means more chances of damaging motors shafts.

I'm a firm believer that smaller is better for a beginner. Learning to do flips with a 400 is asking for trouble. With a 325, on the other hand, it's a lot more forgiving.

Just my 2 cents,

A Bryan. Dude, you have more Armattan quads that I do. At the moment I only have two quads; Armattan 316 and a Whartox 400. And I'm thinking about selling the Whartox one because I like flying the Armattan better. Not that the Warthox one isn't nice. It's awesome. It's just I'm flying it more carefully because I'm worried about breaking it because my spare parts for this one are limited.

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