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Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
Please read these articles. I'm getting really tired of people thinking that spread spectrum means frequency hopping... Spektrum DSM2 is VERY misunderstood and unfair things are constantly said about it by people who don't understand DSS, so please, you owe it to yourself to understand so you can ignore/debunk those misleading statements. - DSS makes zero sense if you don't understand FM basics - this explains why, because of the PN ratio, you need higher frequency carrier waves to transmit a lot of data with DSS. Basically you need the ability to transmit a signal that is much faster than your actual data rate.
Thanks for posting these links jasmine - they are very interesting. I have to admit that until I read that information I was one of those people who thought he understood how DSM2 worked and therefore didn't think much of it... .

My new and improved understandng makes me think the vast majority of Spektrum issues in the early days were nothing to do with DSM2 itself. It seems far more likely that they were a combination of poor installations and a lack of understanding of the power requirements of a digital RX (especially given those early Spektrum RXs are known to have highish brownout voltages, now remedied in more recent receivers I understand). I will still never "go Spektrum" - I've invested in a FrSky DHT-U for my Mpx Evo and really like their system - but I will definitely get a DSM2/X module for BNF micros when the dual module FrSky TX comes out. Consider me partially converted!
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