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The suggestions to ET in your last post have been mentioned to him, by me many times and now, you,

The one thing Mr. ET and I have in common, is we don't handle dealing with aholes very well, and after trying to be nice during the first communication, we tend to loose it when the dumb continues in further communications.

We chose to be self employed, and we have to be responsible for our actions. When I get frustrated, I vent by acting like an ahole. Just like Mr. ET, either you love him or you hate him.

This kind of emotion is born in and around New York, everyone that has lived there for awhile learns and feels it. Sometimes the truth hurts and comes across as being rude. I rather hear the truth than sugar coated BS.

MR. ET has no problem conveying what he feels is the truth. Take it or leave it, real truth or lies? Who knows.

If he doesn't deliver, he will refund your money, has anyone ever accused him of stealing? Yet, some have stolen from him, then posted crap after....human beings are weird creatures..
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