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It says clesarly that ET has been requesting an apology for 6 years, I finally decided to give it to him. He doesn't deserve one, somnetimes he is not very patient with customers, some people have some very bad things to say about him, but when all is considered.....he has some new composite planes that might not be so bad. (the market is shrinking)

When my house burned down he is one of the only people that wished me luck. He is not a good friend of mine, we don't like each other. But after carefull consideration I realized that he has the quality to be a good friend. Not everyone has this quality. So, after 6 years, he deserved my apology even though we are not friends and he won't sell to me.

Originally Posted by JohnathanSwift View Post
Sure, I read it, but maybe I should say what motivated all this?

Some of what you posted is clear, and some is less than clear, at least to me.

Hey, maybe I can't read, or don't have your capacity, but it is a forum and I am curious about your motives, or what set this in motion.

I mean, did you just wake up and say to yourself, "I'm going to post an apology on RCG cuz...."?
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