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Stuffed my Mini Swift into terra firma (or should that be terror frima) Was flying again in winds that would have grounded most models and having a blast. The wind was blowing across the park in the direction a row of houses. I cut the power just above them with the plan to glide in for a nice touch down. Instead, the model just went into a vertical dive that no amount of elevator would pull out from. It disappeared behind a hedge and I heard a sickening crack. I walked round to see if I could find it, expecting to see bits of foam strewn everywhere. To my surprise I found it in a flower bed about 2" away from a brick wall. The canopy had popped off and the prop was broken but all in all she looked to have survived pretty well. Back to base and I noticed that there was a split in the fuse, the left hand side of the wing was torn & distorted and the live aileron hinge was damaged.
CA took care of the fuse and the old hot water trick took out all of the distortion as well as a couple of dings on the leading edge. A bit of CA on a minor wing tear and some blenderm tape for the aileron and we will be back in business.
Conclusion, these are tough little models. If it had been a total loss I would certainly have bought another without hesitation.
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