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I had channel 7 working eventually by some random quirk. Not sure I did anything different. Glad it is a bug and not a faulty unit.

I flew with the unit fitted for the first time yesterday with a bit of a breeze. Fitted to a Multiplex Easystar II which is very sluggish; makes a good trainer though. I can hear the servos chattering but couldn't see/feel any difference in flight.

I used 'gyro exact gain' and have some questions/suggestions for improvements.

Manual for v2.2 gives some scalings; are they wrong as they don't make sense whereas they did in the printed v1.17 manual.

There is no calibration for these real time channel inputs. I'm I right in assuming when you say 0% to 100% that is 1000us to 2000us

It would be nice if we could select which axis we want to adjust rather than all of them. I would like to use this function to fine tune the gain for each axis in flight. I know I can turn axes off but I would like them running; just not able to adjust them. At present gains are adjusted for all three axes.

Am I correct in thinking that the manual gain adjust doesn't work when in the above mode. I.E. the PID gain of 11 in the scaling isn't adjusted via the pot.

It would be nice to know the gain I have settled on. I can read the current pulse width on my transmitter and use the scaling (hence the questions above) but would be nice if the software could tell me.

General question time:

In the signal outputs I have for example a PWM max width of 2000 and in PWM min width of 1000us. I have also set the Bias (us) for output 3 to +100. Am I right in thinking that the physical output is limited to 2000us not 2100us

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