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Walkera TX Module Hacking --> Multi Module for your favourite TX

Hi guys,
Iím from Germany and I have been discovering quite a few interesting posts in this part of the forum, but now itís my turn to contribute something.
First I have to say that I have just started developing this, so thatís why Iím looking for some ďconspiratorsĒ.

You might ask now what this is all about. So now here comes the Idea:
Iím sure you have all heard about the deviation project, which all started here: Deviation

They took a Walkera TX and put up a custom firmware which adds a new GUI and of course new protocols like DSM2. It is really an amazing piece of work they did spend moths on hacking all those protocols and testing.
The thing that made all this possible is that almost all the TX and RX use the same chip: The CYRF6936.

But many of us donít want to buy a Walkera TX, although they maybe want to try one of the Walkera Helis like the V120. Iíd like to fly one but I would prefer using my MX16 Hott for it.

So my Idea is about using the Walkera TX Module for creating a device which can be plugged into the DSC plug of different radios (Futaba, Graupner, Spektrum).

Such devices already exist but they can only handle the protocol of one brand:
Futspek (Spektrum)
neTX (Solo Pro)
The special thing about the module I want to develop is that it should support different protocols and TXs. They can be chosen by using a little switch or something.

What has to be done?
I have already started constructing the hardware and now I need some people who will support me developing the software.
A good basis for this are the sources of the deviation project:
Deviation Sources
They have already documented and programmed the protocols and this would be a good point to start.
The UC Iíd like to use is the Atmega88 (or one with more I/O s, because it can be soldered to home-etched pcbs and they are pretty cheap.

What do you think about this?
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