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spark ignition diesel...

and why not? i have heard refferences to *(very) old 2 cycle spark ignition diesels. one guy on youtube got pretty good atomization from SVO (straight vegitable oil) buy running it at 200 bar (1 bar = 14.7 psi, so 280 psi) though a jetta TDI injector.

diesel is about 7 times thicker than gasoline. stociometric AFR is 14.6 :1 vs gasolines 14.7 to 1.

biodiesel (meth ester something or other) is pretty close to diesel, and when properly made has a ph of 7. seems to have very little real world problems with rubber seals, tho the current E90 at the pump has caused failures as well.

BTU of biodiesel seem to be higher than gasoline.

so why not use a fuel injected, biodiesel in a spark ignition engine?

Testing injectors for veg oil atomization fitted to mk4 golf 110 GT Tdi (1 min 14 sec)
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