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I noticed a few posts concerning the Bonanza V-tail... I just finished reading the results of the official FAA investigation into whether the Bonanza's tail was weak or structurally insufficent. In a nutshell, the earliest Bonanzas had the highest incidence of strucural failure, later attributed to probable overspeed/overstress of the then new & slippery airframe. Over the years Beechcraft enlarged & beefed up the tail, adding thicker skin in some areas, sub-spars and thicker root ribs among the other more well known mods such as leading edge root cuffs that prevent stabilizer deflection at high g loads. They also added 14% to the chord of the stabs starting with the C35, if I recall correctly. The findings indicated that as long as the airplane was operated within published limits on ALL versions of the Bonanza, the airframe (tail included) was safe.

The V-tailed version of the Bonanza was about 3 MPH faster than a standard tail, due to less interference drag with 1 less surface intersecting the fuselage. Skin drag wasn't a real player.

Sorry, just wanted to share a bit of info for those that care

So I would say faster, prettier, but prone to dutch roll... and surely mired in controversy.
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