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The no load ICE log attachment is not usable as you have posted....if trying to show the KV.

I suggest you zoom in so that the span of the graph is the same as ICE window.
You can place the curser 1 second after peak AMPs....we can then read the data from the top line of table below the graph called "mouse".

better yet (for KV) :
...maybe left edge of window 1.0 seconds after full throttle, and right edge 1 to 2 seconds later (shorter duration if test was shorter). Normally we log at 10 times per second for tests....even a half second wide window is ok enough that way.
Anyway, if you zoom in this much, we can just use the displayed "average" values.

Edit: I added a sample chart.

RPM / voltage = KV

if you ran the motor few times, use first graph.
make sure you start your test with motor at room temp.
Warmer = shows higher KV
Cooler = shows lower KV.


Note: always disregard the AMPs as reported by ICE during KV test. Numbers this far below 40A as reported by ICE can not be trusted. called ( Io ).
If you want to know the Io value (no load AMPs) use your Wattmeter.

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