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Originally Posted by Larry Jolly View Post
Sorry for causing such a stir with my thoughts on landing devices. I would like to point out that if you fly from an unimproved surface meaning longer grass or other vegetation you will probably not see the need for a device to arreat the glider. But if you are using a prepared surface closer to a putting green you will see how a properly controlled landing can produce a beautiful approach, touchdown, and then your glider becomes a hocky puck and slides through the circle The only way to land accurately and consistantly on such a surface with no arrestor is to control energy and at the proper point push forward and impact the ground at an angle of attack less than best gliding angle. MY suggestion was a single arrestor like a track shoe cleat placed on the bottom of the fuselage near the wing leading edge. This offers no advantage for a dork landing and at the same time offers drag to stop the slide. I never dork my fullscale Discus B but always use the hand brake to accurately stop my landing at the end of the ground roll... LJ
Good suggestion -- simple, inexpensive and not ugly.
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