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I have a feeling there have been some fudged numbers in here.

I do believe you can break 200, but not with what some people have suggested.

I personally don't believe you should do any CS fan... The problem is they don't hold up to the high RPMs. They are also more of a high thrust fan, however the actually efflux speed is lower than say a 5 blade spinning st the same power set ups.

The spear is a clean airframe but I don't believe that "cleaned up" spear truely hit 200.... Yes getting rid of the vertical is big, but he also add 2 winglets just as large! Truthfully it would be more efficient cutting down the main vertical, and adding small woinglet to improve tip efficiency.

I agree that a composite super sniper could be fast.

I also feel that all these jets could still be too draggy. There is a reason F5d airframes are the way they are.

You are going to hate this.... But an airframe in the style of that foam Zephyr would truthfully have the MOST potential. It sounds horrible I know. But if you were to take a zephyr, shave down the airfoil a bit thinner at more of the mh30 or other F5d airfoils. Then of course glass, or cover in carbon the entire wing and fuselage. After the fuselage is glasses you can carve out all that useless foam in the most to fit larger power systems. This I'd also a shorter nose, to help with those CG problems.

Just my opinions Here....
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