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To the guy with the bad RX solder. There is a guy on helifreak in the minicp forum that repairs boards. 30$ and he can fix just about anything wrong with it. Its cheaper then a new one! I would fix it for you for free since I know how to solder but I dont know where the jumper wire would be needed. I am unsure of the boards layout in that respect. If I were you then I would take it to a local tv repair place. If you can find one that looks really old and has just one old guy working then most likely he will do it for free. Hopefully he isnt a grumpy old guy.

To the guy who was looking for a motor, I keep hearing good things about the AEO hummingbird motor. Its a c05 but stronger, it has a ducted fan type thing on it but these little motors never get hot. People on helifreak say that the hummingbird is probably the same as the matt bockman prototype motor(do a search on google for that). I have the bockman motor and it is a lot stronger then the older c05 motor. When I say old c05 it means the older version, I had read there is a new version c05 that is par with the bockman motor, or so I have read. The hp05 from what itsmillertime had posted was getting 10 minutes of mild/great flipping flight! with governor enabled blheli flashed esc. But he was using 500mah or 550mah batteries. He had said that with the hp06v2 he was getting 5 or 6min governed crazy nuts power with the 500 or 550mah batteries.

I have my blheli flashed esc in the mail and my next upgrade will be the hp02 tail motor with xp3a esc for tail. When you have the blheli flashed esc then you can get a governor mode which is fantastic! If you can rewind motors then I would rewind a m5 which is a c05 that sits higher. They are much easier to rewind since you done have to take the stator off. If you only have a c05 then stick it in the freezer for a day, wrap it in paper towel and grap the stator with pliers and it will spin off.

Depending on how you wind it either delta or WYE you will find that you can get a wide range of results. You can get a screaming fast motor thats eats batteries in a minute or one that I managed 81 flips in 6min 30 seconds and still had battery to spare usind the 300mah batteries from hobbyking for the solopro only 1.82$
The one c05/m5 wired delta zipped right int0o the ceiling on my first pitch pump. I wasnt expecting that much power I didnt think it was possible with a m5/c05 but battery life was under a minute. The good thing about wiring the motor for delta config. is if the motor is too powerful then you can solder it up as WYE. If you wire a motor up WYE and want to change it to delta it is almost impossible. If you need to ask why etc then you need to read up on it all.
It is a lot of fun rewinding a motor. You really dont know what you will end up with at the end, its definitely addicting too. Here is a post with a vid of one my rewinds.
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