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Originally Posted by Obake View Post
Not trying to be argumentive, I know you love this product, but it ain't ready for prime time. Not decide what I will do with it yet, but the bottom line is this, I have 3 hours into this and it still does not work.
This is a $30 camera that, because of our ability to upgrade/update the firmware supplied by the manufacturer, is capable of video quality equal to that of far more expensive cameras. It is also being improved constantly with new functionality like time delay recording, motion detection, etc., is small, lightweight, and easy to mount and use, perfect for areal photography or FPV flying. The trade off is that to get all that value, users have to be the kind of people who are willing to fiddle with it a bit to squeeze all the power out of it. To make it more "user friendly" would require more LEDs to indicate functions, more buttons, more everything, so it would weigh more, cost more, etc. And that's not what most of it's current users want or need.

Nobody mislead you or misrepresented it to you, but that's what you make it sound like, you said you'd been "screwed". I respectfully disagree, and I think maybe you owe the developers an apology. You need to take a deep breath, slow down, and let the guys here help you get it up and running correctly. As has been pointed out, you don't have to buy a card reader, but if you want to they can be had for much less than you stated. Follow the instructions carefully and your unit will work just like everybody else's does. Heck, if fishycomics can get one to work, anybody should be able to.
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