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Originally Posted by Obake View Post
Well, I did use the GUI, followed it to the T. Downloaded all files and read all of the first 4 posts, several times.

Not so sure I would call the FW solid, especially when the instructions/help file indicate that the led MAY flash or something will PROBABLY happen. That is not solid FW.

Not trying to be argumentive, I know you love this product, but it ain't ready for prime time. Not decide what I will do with it yet, but the bottom line is this, I have 3 hours into this and it still does not work.
I dare to say that the firmware is extremely stable. It is not possible to brick these cameras unless you do something very silly like the camera was not fully charged when you did the upgrade or you removed the card while the firmware was updating itself. And even then the camera isn't bricked, but you may need a card reader, which you can find, BTW, for very, very cheap! The best readers I have cost about 6$, and that's expensive!

However, you don't tell us exactly what your symptoms are. The first question is "Are you sure the camera is fully charged?".

Which LEDs, if any, show when you press the Power button? And how do they blink?

If neither the red nor the yellow LED show any sign of life, then you will need a card reader of some sort. I don't know if you can use your mp3 player / camera / mobile for this purpose, but it may also be possible. If you have a notebook, netbook etc, it is possible that it has a micro SD slot.

I have updated these cameras hundreds of times and there are thousands of others who update these cameras regularly. They are stable, take my word
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