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[/QUOTE]It also seems to me that dorking violates at least the spirit of the rules in that no devices may be used to arrest the model. Using the spinner of the model as an arresting device certainly seems like a violation to me. If it was done in a contest I was CDing I would call it a zero round.

Im also not in favor of allowing arresting devices of any kind. That will just lead to dork type landings, which isnt what this contest is all about.

Im not sure exactly what a runway landing is, so I cant comment on that - other than to say if it requires dorky landings Im against it [/QUOTE]

I think that you can dork by your definition completely by accident, and I would guess that no one that had input into the ALES rules, thought of the spinner as "an arresting device", just a guess. But, at least in my comments, my thoughts of an arresting device stops the slide and would not even work unless the ship was not flat/level, not getting stuck in hard on it's nose. In my mind, the device is only 1/2" in height and would be 3"-5" back from the spinner, so dorking would not even allow it to work

All the runway landing task is, is a string is strung that is the centerline of the "runway", and it is usually about 25' in length. You are scored based on how far off the centerline you stop at, usually a point per inch off the line. So, it is less harsh to sliding and still has the effect to give an indicator of landing accuracy, that is all.

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