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Originally Posted by AndyKunz View Post
Transmitters don't reconnect, receivers do.

DSMX receivers reconnect instantly. DSM2 receivers also instantly.

Don't spew misinformation. If you don't like the best RC products on the planet, fine. If you want to run your inferior stuff, fine. Just don't keep lying about the good stuff.

Originally Posted by AndyKunz View Post
Best is subjective, of course. But since you asked, my opinions where Spektrum is best are:

Best selection of products for all segments of the RC hobby. Best technical solution (that's why I chose it 5 years ago, and I'd pick it again today). Best bang for the buck, especially when you bring service, support, and similar things in comparing similar companies (I say that because smaller businesses, such as yourself, are usually able to do the service/support/visibility thing better. I did that for 11 years).

Let's put it this way - if I didn't think it was the best, I wouldn't be here.

Are there areas to improve? Of course, we're humans.


Don't you think your customers should say if the Spectrum is the best ... if this is stated by who is working into ... it is looking PATHETIC ... and false as well.

Then ... you start first on making disinformation ... I did not said in my post that is tx or rx that reconnect ... I speak about tx-rx system ... since reconnect is between two elements ... it is not done by one alone .. even if in this case in absence of telemetry or uplink, it is the RX that need to find the TX channel after a reset.

I read here on rcgroups too many cases of crashed due to the spectrum tx-rx problem ... and too many are writing about that in case of little power problem (like a BEC that go for an instance below 3 or 4 volt) , the RX lose signal for quite a long time ...

Anyhow ... I was never thinking to buy a spectrum product before ... now that the people that work for, need to make propaganda for sell them ... I'm more convince then ever on stay away from it



ps: Sorry for OT ... this story end here for me ... I promise to don't reply on this OT issue here.
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