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spears are already very heavy. Mine had an overbuilt fuse, way to much resin IMHO.

My super sniper did 155mph off 1400 watts. Technically it would take +3300 watts for the same airframe to hit 200mph. I had the the composite super sniper with the fully molded wing (I.E. it wasn't going to fold).

HET Super Sniper with ARC 28-47-1 (2 min 20 sec)

With some aerodynamic tweaks (no servos sticking out on the wings, smoother intakes, etc etc), and the right power system, I think 200mph with a sniper is possible.

I've run a few 70MM's to +3000watts. Only DS-30's will take that abuse, and even then sometimes they won't. I spun the center right out of a DS-30, with one of my 12S setups.

The butter zone is right around 1900-2100KV, for 10S-12S. About 80-90 amps depending on load. I used 3S 2100 40C batts. These days you can get 55-65C batts no problem.

The only motors I got up to 3KW with any kind of reliability were the HET 2W-30 (only in very short bursts, on 11S), a Neu 1115/1.5Y(12S), and a Mega 16/40/1.5R(10-11S depending on batteries).

Those all spin the DS-30 to around 75K RPM. Trust me, it's a hell of a noise.
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