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Originally Posted by sneu View Post
I have not weighed it yet--was more interested in flying. I will when I get a chance.

Larry and I started flying electric with planes that had just "enough" power. There is no doubt that you can make a clean efficient plane like the Aspire fly with low power setups. I got past that point along time back--I want "more power" in my planes these days F5B planes can climb to 800 feet in under 3 seconds

I see little advantage to a few ounces less weight in a plane the size of the Aspire in anything other than 7am still air flying. With any wind and lift the higher weight becomes a advantage.

Steve Neu
Fast climbs are great, but F5J will never match F5B or even come remotely close, so I'm coming to appreciate the advantages of minimising the wing loading. After all that reflects the F3J trends where bigger and lighter ships are the observed trend. Minimum sink is one thing but lower wing loading planes signal lift better, have smaller turning circles (very important at low heights with weak thermals) and land more accurately.

Despite that its interesting that at the last F3J WC held in very windy conditions Cody Remington came 3rd with an Egida which has 10-20% less wing area than explorers and maxas

At competitions the early round(s) will often be held in low wind and low lift it certainly helps minimum sink plane. In Australia any rounds held after lunch will often be in strong wind eg 6-8 metres second and probably strong lift (sink). To win the comp you have to do well in all those conditions. Its quite a challenge really and still not sure what the best approach is. One model or two. Certainly its no good having a model that penetrates the wind if the pilot cant work out where the lift is anyway (that's often my problem)
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