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The Wild West

Originally Posted by Schwemmer View Post
Although there was plenty of action on Sunday during the contest. there was even more action afterwards. It seems 2 of the more intelligent locals decide to use the outhouse as a target. This was the out house that is located at the powered field next to where we were working. As the teams were closing down for the night we heard a shot. We looked in the direction and saw the 2 locals using the outhouse as a target. Dave Klein called the police and gave the phone to me. As I was describing the incident to the dispatcher the locals continued firing. The dispatcher said the police were on their way. After 12 shots, we looked down the road and saw 2 police units drive by. Tom Watson got in his car and flagged down the Deputies. The Deputies followed Tom back to the field. we were then treated to an encore performance of a Felony stop in progress. It was great to watch as the punks were told to put their hands over their heads. When they complied they had a hard time keeping their pants up. So much for baggy pants being in fashion.

Film at 11:00
Here is the film Sherpa.

All guns drawn, "You in the black, drop the gun, hands on your head, kneel down" then hand cuffed and they thought they would be home for dinner.

Free entertainment after a great day of flying.

The Wild West (0 min 44 sec)
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