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Originally Posted by dankar04 View Post
Best to both of you on new venture. USA could use good source of parts for Walkrea/ Solo-pro/ WL toys and have someone with pilot lite lit. Having to go to several sites to get stuff is big turn off. Quads are in and see no downturn in demand anytime soon. WL Toys needs to get a FBL 4 ch going, let them know as sure there are many others who would like to see this. Again, good luck....>Dan
That's the goal Dan, I just ordered 100 of the Turnigy 45-90C batteries. I'm going to change the polarity of them and offer them as an additional upgrade. Slowly try and carry most of the popular upgrades people are buying so they don't have to go do multiple purchases at different places.

Originally Posted by jlcamp7 View Post
Congratulations to you both!

This is a fantastic idea and I personally am glad to see someone with the passion and ability to take something like this on. I am unfortunately a little impatient and find myself often paying a little more in order to receive items here in the US rather than wait for a month or more for products overseas. Plus the lack of support. I really hope the best for you guys and believe this will be a profitable venture if everyone gets on board.

Don't want to get ahead of the ball game and no matter where you guys start I will do my best to support it and purchase from you directly. I do like this idea though as you guys grow to offer at least a few of the nice smaller kits that you find over the sea on banggood and other sites, that you don't find on the US side
Thanks JL. I would like to bring these things more into the mainstream. I get sickened when I walk into a Toys R Us or see those mall kiosks and see the prices that are charged for an Air Hogs or other toy that gets thrown in the garbage 3 months later and cost as much or more than a V939

Originally Posted by variantman View Post
Cogratulations. Hopefully you can fix several problems:

1. Keeping a fair amount of spare blades, batteries, chargers, and motors in stock for each quad. In fact it would be nice if you all sold deluxe packages that come with something like six batteries, six blade sets, etc. I don't mind paying more for a product if it keeps me from being frustrated and flighless waiting on parts. Quads are great but they are like pets. They need to be fed and maintained.

2. Pressure the manufacturers for better looking canopies. We don't want our toys looking like toys. In fact I'd urge manufacturers to have a look at Apple's designs. Simplicity is often best. Give me clear domes and solid white canopies over insects and cheesy flying saucers.

3. Have some complete DIY kits in stock like the X250 for those who want to step up our game but aren't the most tech savy. Kits that have very clear instructions.

Also, if you need any unbiased reviewing of quads I'll be happy to volunteer.
1. Spares are cheap: they're cheap to buy, they're cheap to stock, and they're cheap to ship, and the profit margin on them is better than the RTF unit itself. The exception being the RX board and motors. Blades and canopies will be stocked in abundance, manufacturer supply permitting. We'll try to stock an ample supply of motor assemblies and some RX boards.

The reason why we may not be carrying the Hubsan X4 initially is due to the lack of spares, probably because of the high demand of main units plus lead times are long as you all have seen. Hopefully with the success of the X4, Hubsan can ramp up production and meet demand, but more importantly, be willing to listen to customers about improvements.

2. I am looking at a local source that could provide carbon fiber canopies but that's farther out in the timeline but hopefully we can influence the manufacturer to offer different designs. It's tough to cater to all the personal preferences though. I for one like the beetle bug look, but I know everyone else hates it.

3. Until we get on our feet, we're going to have to concentrate on specific products, but as things progress we'll see what we can do.
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