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I figured it out in the "dark" with my eyes, hands, mind, and observing how the Mini responds to changes in cyclic commands depending on Pot position.

1) Both videos I posted show how "1-turn" Pots are physically constructed. Without repeating too much of what was described in the videos, each "end" of the Pot's Solder Tab is an electrical extreme end of the Pot, and the Pot's "Wiper" (normally the center solder tab) can be rotated to "wipe" from one extreme end to the other.

2) Most Pot's have a "dead-end" stop at their extreme travel postions; however, the inexpensive Walkera Pot's don't, and instead the Walkera Pot's have "speed" bumps. If you are careful and pay attention you can feel the Pot's Wiper hit the "speed" bumps at both extreme ends of travel. The bumps are to warn (prevent?) the operator from going over the "speed" bumps. I haven't taken a Walkera Pot apart; however, most Pot's will get (Wiper) damaged (over time?) if the Wiper is forced past the "speed" bump. I haven't read about it this year; however I believe a year or two ago, some people have posted that the more they make their Wiper go over the end of travel bumps, the more their Pot looses life expectancy. Imagine what would happen to your car, if you drove over street curbs, over, and over, and over ...

3) I've experimented flying on the 6-O'Clock side between 1 and 11 O'Clock and the stability continuously decreases the closer the Pot is adjusted to 1. I haven't experimented with what happens in the "midnight" hour, because I've self taught myself not to force the Wiper past the "speed" bumps, thinking it will decrease the Pot's life expectancy.

There is a possibility that I may be wrong, but in this case I doubt it since all 3 "facts" line up and agree with each other. In other words: Even if I didn't understand how the Pot was built, why would a Pot manufacturer go through the extra trouble and go out of their way to intentionally place "speed" bumps inside the Pot? I'm an old fart, and over the years I've learned, most people (and manufacturers) are lazy and are more likely to take "short cuts" saving time and money. Whenever someone does extra work and spend extra money (i.e. add "speed" bumps), there is normally a reason why they think it is worth the extra effort in the long run.

Off Topic: I haven't posted an Off Topic Music video in a while. I feel the urge!!

Here's a Rebel Yell to help you remember the hazards of flying in the "Midnight Hour":

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (4 min 59 sec)

(now I feel like tweaking my Pot to midnight!!! )
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