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Originally Posted by out of stock View Post
here are some numbers i got this morning.


btw thanks nick its obviously a basic reliable setup to get started. everything was barely warm. sounds great too!

also , the manual states that adding NACA ducts would improve thrust up to 100g. im thinking of doing it but i dont know.

also should i set esc to med/high timing or low?

i hear a whistling sound (coming from motor it seems) that goes with throttle input. ive heard that from my 30cc sbach 342 eflite 160 motor. is that normal?
Your welcome, its not a high powered setup but a reliable and you can eventually go to a higher kv if you feel you need to for a particular airframe.

If adding Naca ducts help then try it out.

On the 1500kv motor I used med /factory 15* or 18.75* the timing just above medium. The HW 100 platinum pro esc has about 8 timings so you will need a HW programmer.

The whistle sound is typical of this motor and nothing to worry about.
v8truckin is online now Find More Posts by v8truckin
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