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Hey, T. Watson....

The guys who "persuaded" me to do the CD thing probably thought this out pretty well. Knowing that whoever ended up with the job would be looking for a tall tree to stretch from, they found the perfect place to fly.....there isn't a tree to speak of for miles!!! I couldn't slit my wrist because I forgot my knife, I would have shot myself but the guys with the shotgun took too long with gunnery practice on the outhouse and the cops got them, I would have jumped in front of a car, but the road was too far away, I thought about feeding myself to the ants, but it was so dusty that even the ants didn't walk out there....I had no way out! So, the only choice I had to drive the pilots hard into the tasks and hope they would run out of flights!

Hey, Aaron....I'm ex-military, but when you realize that they got a 12-gauge and we have....nothin', you start to abandon the heroism thing and call in the badges. It was a cool demo of a felony arrest, live and in action! It was one shotgun and a crossbow versus 5 deputies with 9-mm, shotgun and more. Game over!!!
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