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Thank you guys We were very lucky here in Maryland even thought there was quite a bit of damage here it's nothing compared New Jersey and New York from what I have seen so far there is no beach left on the entire coast of New Jersey.

And the storm surge was such that it moved fright train boxcars on top of over passes and it's my guess that they wont have power back there for over a week.

My light flickered twice but never went out but I live in a very unusual place I'm on the same power grid as BWI Marshall ( Bailtimore international airport) and have only lost power here once in 18 years.

I'ts good to know we've all become such good friends even though were half a world away.

Rob glad you weren't standing in front of that stick, or that it didn't go through a window and hit one of your family, I see it's still snowing up in the mountains of West VA. and on down the whole App. mountain range how much snow did you end up with?

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