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Thanks for the encouragement! I'll take all I can get I'm re-creating my own little monument to 70's pylon racing and have really enjoyed being able to share the kit and my own take on the "traditional" techniques as I learned them at that time.

For anyone interested, here's another website that gives more background on what these racers were like back in the day. It's by Dave Shadel, one of the top F1 pilots of the time. This is a fantastic read:

On another topic... Steve, I've been concerned about vibration as well. The prop shaft is only 1/8", and with prop and spinner mounted, it's a little unnverving to be able to put a little pressure on one prop blade or the other and be able to flex the prop shaft slightly. What would you recommend for balancing -- any specific balancer or technique? I used to have a simple cone balancer but it's long gone and I'll have to pick up some kind of balancer anyway. I saw an article online somewhere about even using an iPhone for final balancing which sounded interesting -- the idea is to first static balance, then use the iPhone to measure how vibration changes as you put on the prop or spinner at slightly different circumferential locations on the prop shaft to determine a minimum point. At 34K estimate RPM I'm going to have to be right on the money, or else
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