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Originally Posted by OVSS Boss View Post
Jared, to make a 45 point landing, you have to land in an ~2M circle, how tough is that? I agree that the landing strip to me makes even more sense, but with the way the rules are coming it is up to the CD as is usual.

Note: I was wrong Jared, a 45 landing is inside a 4M diameter circle, again, not that tough is it?

SVSS here in Calif. has quite a bit of ALES experience now with 15 ALES contest days since last fall. I like the fact that landings are de-emphasized in ALES vs. TD. 50 points max on 10 minute rounds and a 10 meter tape allows the less expert landers to have a chance competing against the pro dorkers. With our clubs ALES contests we use a 5 meter tape (5 points per half meter) and I think that 5 meters provides a little more challenge than 10 meters but still retains the de-emphasis on landings.

Going to a landing strip type landing task with 1 point increments, PLUS skegs would be a mistake and start us back on the path of expert dorkers dominating just like they do in TD. Keep ALES a primarily Man on Man SOARING event with landings secondary. The skill in managing landing approach energy, the "slide" and the de-emphasis on landing points (only 50 max and 5 point increments) is part of what makes ALES so appealling. In my first few ALES contests I was dorking simply out of TD habit and actually damaged my Radian. After a few contests pilots adjust to the more natural type landing approach and can avoid the hard collisions for landing points. I understand why the TD pros would like to have a landing arrestor of some sort and 1 point increments, it would seperate them even more from the otherwise good soaring pilots who arent great landers (like in TD, think top 50 pilots at the Visalia 2 day "landing contest"). In the current ALES landing format the expert lander may get his 50 but the less expert lander has a good chance at a 45 with a pretty big spot to hit. Thats only a 5 point difference which can easily be made up in the MoM soaring. Soaring skill and strategy becomes paramount. Sure some rounds are easy from 200 meters and everyone maxes but in every contest I have flown in there are always a couple tough rounds. In my club I will argue against landing rule changes that favor the landing pros over everyone else.

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