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Originally Posted by z_dad View Post
Does this mean you also tried different compounds for the different parts of the tires, like the 1:1 streetmachines (you know, mileage in the middle, performance on the sides)?
Now a comment, that leads to a question, from this less experienced biker:
It seems to me, there's less rubber at the part of the tire that wears the most because the rim has a sharp corner just there. This suggests you have to use harder compounds than optimum grip wants, to keep tires from disintegrating under pressure. Then there is a lot of rubber depth on the center of the tire, where it hardly wears at all but can be distorted under power and lose integrity. This also suggests you have to use a harder compound than optimum performance calls for.

Will the tire stay in one piece for more than one stint, as it surely moves around a lot and risks to brake at the thinnest part that, on top of it, has an aluminium "knife" protruding from the inside?

Would a differently shaped rim leave room for softer compound and better performance with the same durability?

I am sure you have tried all this and gathered experience before the "suicide" project to make 20 sets but I'm interested how you came to the decision, "This is how it's going to be. Let's make 20 of 'em"
These are only for one single indoor race we always do in Friedrichshafen beginning of
November.. The track in only there at the toyfair. So there is no chance to do any testing during the year.
Of course I thought about mixing the rubber but I binned it because I thought it to be too risky.
I used the same foam rubber we have been using the past years. If you are careful and dont crash into
the wood sideboards a set keeps for a whole weekend. We only wear the diameter by about 2-4mm.
There is so much grip the tires do NOT slide at all so wear is really low on that track.
The only thing I had in mind designing this wheelset was weight and dimensions.
They might be perfect or rubbish, no idea. I will see on Friday.
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