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As for durability, the SkyFox is one of the first helicopters ever that really had some. Most of its design has not changed a bit since introduction some 20 years ago, and they are still at the top of my list of favourites for their reliability, parts interchangeability (you can repair a SkyFox from the first production run, with the parts nowadays sold for it), and easy flight characteristics. Bit oldfashioned, but it is still a fantastic mechanics for scalers though.

You mention some points that I have considered but not yet tried: closing tipclearance of the fan for example does a lot. That I will try next, should not be too hard.

I have thought about changing the cooling fan for a shortened prop and reversing the airflow, but the downside is that on the ground the helicopter will suck up lots of dirt.
Not keen on doing that.

Watermist requires a water tank, and water is heavy.... But it is sure an interesting thought, only how to prevent thermal stresses, you're dripping water only on one side....

Brgds, Bert
Brutus1967 is online now Find More Posts by Brutus1967
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