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MassiveRC: Transition


Some of you already know that our house is under contract and that we'll be moving in 6 weeks. MassiveRC will still stay based out of Melbourne, FL. Ellie and I are moving to South Dakota to get away from the heat (we actually prefer snow\cold to the brutal summers), congestion, crime, and all the other problems associated with urban sprawl and we are ready for small-town life and enjoying nature.

I don't expect orders to be impacted at all but we do appreciate your patience in case there are hiccups with our move and any warranty\returns may be delayed as I handle these personally and returns will be sent to our new address. I'd like to thank our shipping clerk, Kelly as she's been instrumental in getting your orders out in a timely manner with minimal errors.

As for the future of MassiveRC. we've had some healthy growth recently and plans for opening up shops in South Dakota as well as North Carolina are in the works.

Thanks for your support. Thanks to all of you who have served and the sacrifices you and your families have made.


It's been quite awhile since I've updated this thread. Most of you have been keeping up to date in the Emax Bundle Thread.

Some new things coming down the line:

Massive Acro Blackbox FCB: Basically an Acro board with 16mb flash for Blackbox data recording feature

SP Racing MOF3: A new racing FCB designed by Dominic, AKA Hydra (initial developer for Cleanflight). More details to follow.

CleanHawk PDB: Showing the Emax frame some more love.

I want to thank you all for patience with the website. I know about the 404 errors using the category links and some email issues. I've removed the category sidebar link block and put all relevant links in the top horizontal menu. I've been testing it and if you get an initial 404 error, clicking it again seems to fix it. It's a workaround until I can upgrade the software.

If you don't receive a response using the in-shop messaging system, try using support@massiverc

Finally, I'm moving to South Dakota. MassiveRC will still run out of Florida for now. I will try and start a 2nd shop in SD but it's unknown if I'll move main operations out there or try to have both shops running to support the East\West coast from each.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Romeo aka MassiveOverkill


OK guys, I just created a Diatone FPV V3 bundle kit for $125

Bundle includes:

Diatone FPV250 V3 multirotor frame
Massive Acro flight control board
4 Emax MT1806 motors (2 CW + 2 CCW)
4 Emax 6 amp ESCs
JST ESC wiring harness
4 20mm M3 standoffs
4 20mm M3 screws
Blue velcro strap
20 2mm female bullet connectors


BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! Not gonna happen. Spend time with your families.


It’s MassiveRC’s 2nd anniversary. A lot has changed this year. We left last year with 150 products and are now up to almost 500 items. We've increased sales 35%, moved operations into a dedicated facility, and hired a full-time employee. We've added RC Logger, Emax, Diatone, Phoenix Flight Gear, and HQ Prop products to our lineup and have expanded into the DIY hobby-grade market.

The multirotor hobby has changed dramatically as well. When we first started, you couldn't find toy grade mini and micro quads in retail chains and now they’re everywhere, and nano\pico quads are the rage. Aerial photography was the fad but many are now trading their larger rigs in for the adrenaline rush and immersion of mini quad proximity FPV racing. This my friends is not going to be a passing fad. FPV racing is bringing pilots together with a new theme: ‘Fly Fast, Fly Low’. I think this actually going to make the hobby safer as flying high over long distances is being replaced by flying in closer proximity at ground level, which is more in line with FAA rules. Maybe we can get away from the stigma of Phantoms crashing in downtown Manhattan.

On a personal level, I married my lovely wife Ellie. Our Melbourne Multirotor Group has grown from 4 members to over 10. With our new employee I can now focus more on research and development and trying to find the best products for our customers. Those of you who know me know I wear my heart on my sleeve. This ‘flaw’ comes from years of being put down by corporate management that I’m no longer a slave to. As we go into 2015, I have renewed faith in the American people, who no longer have the wool pulled over their eyes. You won’t see so many political posts from me as I’m content that this country now has a chance at recovery. Thank you for your support.


Alright guys Emax Pro 250 all carbon fiber bundle:

Emax Pro 250 all carbon fiber frame
Massive Acro FCB with Cleanflight installed
4 Emax 12 amp ESCs with BLHeli firmware
4 Emax 1806 motors, upgrade to 2204s for $4 more
Black nylon hardware and neon green zip ties
Black PDB
XT60 power lead
Velcro strap
Diatone 5030 props for testing (order HQ's of your preferred size for regular running)

Normally $200, bundle price $160 plus S&H. We'll have a build service available as well shortly.


Just arrived!! HQ Bullnose 5045 Props. Orange is all they had ready for production but black and green to follow: These will probably go pretty fast.


OK guys, a bunch of FPV equipment has been added. I'm a firm believer in diversity over wattage, especially with multiple pilots running at the same time. Check it out: I used the Dual Diversity LCD along with the TS5823 this weekend and they both performed flawlessly. Jefte had good results as well. I used the patch panel on my diversity setup while Jefte used the helical. I would have used the helical too but didn't have time to make a bracket.


I'll be on vacation Sept 24th - Oct 1st over in South Dakota. Orders will still be processed but any warranty cust. support issues I won't be able to attend to until I get back. I'll check emails as internet access permits.

We have bunch of new DIY\FPV products on the way:

-Black nylon standoffs
-Buzzers for our Massive Acro/Massive32 boards
-3S LiPos: 1000 mAh in JST and 1500 mAh in XT60 both Turnigy
-HQ Bullnose 5045 props (6045s cut down via Warpquad thread)
-EMAX 6 amp ESCs (save 20 grams on your 2S setup)
-EMAX MT2204 motors
-EMAX\NightHawk all carbon frame

The following will all have SMA connectors:

-TS5823 32 channel 200mW VTX compatible with Fat Shark frequencies. The 500 mW model is twice as much. My philosophy is spend the money on a diversity setup. I've verified with the supplier that these don't have the noise problems associated with earlier models.
-FR632 32 channel VRX compatible with Fat Shark frequencies. This has dual diversity.
-RX-LCD5802 32 channel, fat shark compatible, 5.8GHz Diversity Receiver with 7"LCD built-in battery & Sunshade and charger.
-Compact 5.8GHz 11dBi Patch Antenna
-12" 5.8GHz Helical Antenna 12dBi RHCP with fiber-glass cover
-2.4 Ghz 2W power amplifier with JST connector (going to test these first)
-SMA/RP-SMA adapters for those of you who already have RP-SMA equipment

I've created a CleanFlight thread:

I can tell you that CleanFlight is going to be a game changer and part of the reason why you should no longer fear jumping into DIY and the most complex component, the Flight Control Board. You'll notice we only carry 2 boards, our Massive Acro and Massive32. In my opinion, for the 250 class, there's nothing better suited for your money and paired with CleanFlight, it's the most user-friendly configuration tool out today. Soon you won't even have to use CLI.

These 32 bit boards scream flight stability and performance. You'll hear people throw around the term 'locked-in'. Worried about nightmares of tuning PIDS? Go to the thread I linked above and read some of the happy users who've tried AutoTune, which automagically tunes your PIDS for you. Still want to tune your PIDS manually or fine tune them or configure other settings at the field? Get the Bluetooth module and adjust them with your Android phone.'s the last piece of the puzzle. You really don't need it for 250 FPV racing, but you, like me, may want to dual-purpose your rig or maybe you're not doing FPV racing and just like the compact size. Right now GPS position hold works relatively well. Harakari, a fork of MultiWii, just like CleanFlight has made great strides in GPS position hold and return to home. Dominic aka Hydra is porting Harakari GPS code into CleanFlight.

Currently our GPS boards are reconfigured with Fiero's configuration and set to 115200 baud rate and 5Hz update rate. No need for I2C converter when using a PPM LemonRX with our board.


I hope you all are enjoying your Labor Day weekend. No day off for us as MassiveRC has outgrown our current facilities and is moving this week. Please be patient with us. In addition, our part-timer is going full time and I will no longer be handling orders. If any of you don't get shipping notifications at least 2 days after your order is placed, please let us know via the shop email\messaging system. If you notice anything good or bad with your orders, please let me know.

Diatone frames have been up for awhile. Our Emax shipment is arriving this week and we'll have motors, ESC's and some FPV equipment up for sale (we still haven't decided on a VTX but that will come).

Our Massive Acro and Massive 32 boards have arrived and if you guys have been soured by older configuration tools, you're going to love Cleanflight. No need for using a separate firmware flashing utility. Easily calibrate your ESCs. This firmware has an autotune feature which I have yet to try but looks very promising.

There's very little you need to do configurationwise once you have the pin headers soldered on. Most will use the MAP feature to remap receiver inputs, enable motor stop, and enable PPM_RX. The only PID settings I messed with was to increase my yaw rate to .30

We also have Bluetooth and GPS modules and other accessories such as standoffs.

I'll finalize the Diatone FPV V3 bundle kit later in the week (FCB, motors, ESC's, hardware, etc.)

If you're looking for DIY items, here's the main link:

Which I've subcategorized......if you don't see anything yet, in those subcategories, they'll be populated before the end of the week.


Our plan was to carry genuine Naze 32 and Acro Naze. In order to get the FCBs (Flight Control Board) in time for our Diatone kits and under pressure to get all these items in stock at the same time I looked at various sources.

I had planned on typing a long diatribe explaining the background but figured most of you won't really care, but for those of you who do, PM me and I'll be happy to explain in detail.

The boards we are selling are hardware clones of the Naze and Acro, just like the Flip32 (well the Flip32 has as different layout) and Mullet are. If you want a true original, go to and purchase there or find reference links to resellers.

Once our initial stock are sold, we'll try to obtain official Naze\Acro from timecop but this is tentative and not set in stone.

We will be supporting Cleanflight configurator, which is the best I've used so far and all our boards will be pre-flashed with it.


MassiveRC is no longer a one-person operation (Well it was always a 2-person operation but daily orders were done by myself). We have a part time helper which will go full-time around September. If your orders are missing something or don't seem right please let me know as I'm sure mistakes will be made until our first employee is fully up to speed. I will still be handling customer correspondence and support. Part of this change will require more accurate shipping costs. Once we revamp the shipping calculator we may run into some bugs so please be patient with us.

In order for MassiveRC to grow, we will be focusing on vendors that stand behind their products. WL Toys use to be worth the trouble as they had performance and price, and a somewhat stabile platform as far as protocols go. They're resting on their laurels and don't have an ounce of vision or originality and at least before their clones were able to outperform the originals or come close to it at a much better price point. That's no longer true. I don't know if we'll continue to carry their lineup although we will try our best to stock spares.

Our previous flight-tested policy was mandatory to weed out all the junk. Now that we're carrying larger and better quality products such as HiSky and RC Logger, flight testing isn't as crucial, not to mention impractical as we're not just selling smaller, low-powered micros anymore. We still bench test every unit (BNF, ARF, RTF), which I feel is sufficient to weed out the DOAs of these higher-quality products.

When MassiveRC first started we were asked to carry hobby-grade components. I didn't feel we had the maturity nor did we have the capital to do so. In addition, the 250 class was almost nonexistent. the Eye One Xtreme was revolutionary in that you could get brushless power in a package that was still lightweight and could be considered safe compared to its larger counterparts, not to mention at a bargain price.

The 250 and smaller class still has a lot of room for innovation, and its small size is safer for the hobby, that's why we'll be focusing on it. We'll be carrying a smaller selection of components, known to work well together, trying to get the necessary accessories to complete the builds.

We'll have inventory of the new Diatone 250FPV V3 frames and Emax 1806 motors with 12 amp ESC's in a few weeks. We'll have some cloverleaf antennas and I have 2 32-channel 5.8 Ghz receivers in mind and am still deciding on 5.8 transmitters (nothing higher than 200 mW).

Stay tuned and as always, thanks for your support.


Hi guys, gotta make way for the new models. All HiSky RTF\BNF items are on sale at major price reduction:


RC Logger is almost finished with the new firmware update. More details can be had here:

There is also a hardware update involving soldering a resistor onto the board, which addresses the 2-motor start-up issue.

Once the logistics are worked out we'll announce how to get your units upgraded.

We do have 200 sets of motor mounts and 150 aerial kits (with upgraded 1150 LiPo with softer wires) on the way.

We also have some new items on the way:

-HQ 6045 props in black, green, and orange.
-Mini Tweezers with angled tip
-Compact voltage meter with alarm (we're done with the Hobby King ones)
-Digital scale
-Digital caliper
-Micro brushless multi-wii based quad (evaluation testing for now), details below

A few more Mobius\808 mounting options such as:

-GoPro mount adapter
-808 Screw bracket mount that can be used with Mobius mounting accessories
-808 ball-socket bracket mount that can be used with Mobius mounting accessories
-Tripod mount

You can always check out our new products page as well:


Honeymoon pictures are up:

I'll be back in town tomorrow evening and you all will be able to order as well. I'll catch up on posts as well Jackson Hole \ Yellowstone was a blast. We're seriously thinking of moving up here.


We will be closing up shop from April 29th to May 8th. Monday the 28th will be the last day we'll process orders before my new bride and I leave for our overdue honeymoon. This time we'll put the store in catalogue mode so you'll be able to view items, but not prices nor purchase anything. We are going to visit Jackson Hole to enjoy the mountains and wildlife.


Romeo Barrera aka Massive Overkill


Shop is back open for orders. Thanks for your patience.


Hi guys, I'm temporarily suspending further orders until we can fulfill the existing backlog of 50 orders. I'm hoping we'll be able to re enable ordering by the end of the week. Had a great time and I'll post pics and give more info a bit later.


RC Logger spare parts should be here within the week with the Xtremes hopefully arriving the following week (crosses fingers).

We are also going to carry a number of accessories for the Xtreme:

We are going to carry the Phoenix Flight Gear carbon frames\accessories from RC Drones (thanks Tony )

We are going to stock the LemonRX PPM receivers. Ours will have a Futaba servo lead coming from the board so you can plug it into the Xtreme's PPM port. The elimination of the pins should make the RX board lower profile. If there is a high demand for other PPM receivers let us know and we'll see what we can do.

We are stocking the RC Connectors balance plug adapter and JST adapter so you charge your stock batteries with your generic LiPo balance charger and power the Xtreme with a standard 2S LiPo that you may already have on hand. Please understand that while we offer these adapters you take full responsibility in using them. If the adapter itself is faulty we'll replace it, but neither we nor RC Logger assume any liability resulting in the use of them so buyer beware.

I'll try to get all the above items up on the store for order next week. If you've already pre-ordered we'll combine shipping as we always do and refund overages as we always do.

Deviation..........yes I know we've been beating around the bush and I apologize. We've ordered NRF2401 and A7105 TX modules. I'm in the process of researching connectors and like this one, which is color coded for easier DIY:

I've ordered the components for Phractured Blue's Universal module to see how hard it is to put together.

As far as more diode mods, it's too labor intensive. We will still flash Deviation. Still debating on how to handle installing modules and not violate FCC rules (maybe assemble, test, and then unplug the module, in which case the module will be externally mounted). We are also looking at a third party to produce Phractured Blue's universal module for us.

WL Toys: V212s and V262s should be here in a week or two along with the new V242's

Finally...........FPV equipment. This is the last thing on our plate and may have to wait until the next capital fund replenishment.

As always, thanks for your support,

Romeo and James


Hi guys. Many of you have asked us to become a distributor for RC Logger. The upcoming Eye One Extreme is just too good a value to pass up. More importantly, is I've found it hard to find a company that stands behind its products and takes input directly from the community like RC Logger. They're not simply here for PR value like other company reps who go AWOL after pushing their marketing\propaganda campaign. They're here through thick and thin and don't hide their heads in the sand when something goes wrong, but tackle the problem head on and are TRANSPARENT about it.

Although I've signed the agreement, it may be premature to announce us being an official dealer for RCL, but my excitement got the better of me.

Thanks again for your support,

Romeo and James


Alright guys, sorry it took so long but the HiSky main products are up:

We'll concentrate on getting the spare parts up during the rest of the week. If you want spares, I suggest you hold off ordering until we get them all up. Those of you V911 lovers be sure to check out the HFP80\100. Both are available as BNFs so you can use your existing V911 transmitter with them.

Please note that these are all retail packaged and a first for MassiveRC is that none of these will be flight tested as HiSky has much higher quality control than the other brands we carry and HiSky flight tests these from the factory.

Be sure to check out the other new products and refreshes, such as the revised 808#16 V3 cameras.


We hope you all had a Merry Christmas (or other peaceful holiday you celebrate). If you haven't already heard, I'm tying the knot New Year's Eve and while you can still make orders, they won't ship until Jan 3rd at the earliest. Some of the easy orders we've already shipped out but most of the quads won't go out until that date. This month was record-setting for us and we truly appreciate it.

Our HiSky shipment of micro quads and the FF120 (now known as the HMX120) have arrived but it will take some time to add all the inventory to the store, we have lots of spare parts as well. And yes......we have some of the FlySky compatible micro helis in stock (available as a BNF). Until I get up to speed on the helis HiSky_Official will be handling most of the support, especially when it comes to HiSky transmitter related questions, including the HT8 module. I can probably field Deviation-based questions as the latest nightly build of Deviation works with the HiSky protocol (which uses the same WL Toys TX module).

The Mobius wide lens cameras now come with lens caps. If you've ordered a wide lens Mobius from us in the past, we'll send you a lens cap on the house but you have to pay for shipping or send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope, or we can throw it in on your next order. I believe we have enough on hand to accommodate all previous sales.

FPV equipment. We're ready to purchase FPV equipment, which will be targeted at the budget crowd with limited but proven selection of components that I've personally tested out and believe in, but we've been holding off due too the high cost of goggles and/or LCD displays. I'm not a big fan of LCD displays due to sun but would like everyone's input. I think we can easily carry the video transmitters, receivers, and limited FPV cameras (for those not using the Mobius or 808 as their camera), but would you be fine with purchasing goggles elsewhere or would it be that important to get everything from one source?

Previously I've relaxed the store's security settings for customer convenience, so if you accidentally forgot to add your shipping address to your credit card's records we didn't block the order. Some scam artists took advantage of this and took us for some money so we're putting putting that requirement back in. We'll also be scrutinizing international orders, especially from the EU, as that's where the scammers ordered from. We may bump up the price of non Canadian international orders in order to add registered mail on larger orders to further protect us from scammers.

If you don't have your shipping address on record with your credit card company (which is different than your billing address) please contact your credit card company and do so before ordering.

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year!


OK guys, the V252 perimeter guards have arrived and I like them.

Weight is 2.7 Grams with wire tie. It has a top crossbar brace to help protect against ceiling hits which also allows you to do ceiling spins. It installs and comes off easily without having to remove props your props. To make the frame taught, install a zip tie or wire tie just underneath the motor claws and it makes a big difference.

This perimeter guard is available on our store:

Sorry for my video glasses being a little too high. I had to do this video in a rush.


I'm printing shipping labels for today's orders I come to the realization that it's our 1-year anniversary!! It's been a tough year: Getting laid off at Thanksgiving\Christmas, learning the ins-outs of starting an online business and managing e-commerce, shipping delays, shady manufacturers screwing us over, and the list goes on.

As I look back on the last year, the positives outweigh the negatives. Actually being able to make a profit and not burden the rest of the country by filing for unemployment. We started out with 1 product and expanded to over 150. Our Ebay store that still has a perfect feedback rating. We've grossed $135K in sales, fulfilling over 2500 orders, all without spending a dime on advertising but relying on word of mouth of our loyal customers. We've become a distributor for HiSky, which has a very promising future.

It's fitting that on our anniversary, my brother will also venture out of the corruption, evil, and political BS associated with the corporate world and shareholders and experience the rewards of working for yourself and working with people that appreciate everything you do.

I would like to thank and raise a glass to: my business partner James, my fiance Ellie, RC Groups, and to all our customers for believing in us and sticking with us.

UPDATE 10/8/2013

You'll probably notice in the title that there's now a \HiSky next to our name. We are now going to be a US distributor and service center for HiSky

UPDATE 10/7/2013

I know, I know you all have been patiently waiting and we're only asking you to wait a maybe a day or so while we get inventory situated. Today is going to be hectic.

Some good news:

Both the V252s and V262s have the updated antenna leads. These are the ones with the black wire and dipole shield......something I haven't seen anyone else who has been sent 'fixed' remotes show me that theirs has. I think WL Toys has finally gotten a grip on the drop-out problem reducing it from occasionally to nothing at all:

The PCB in the V252 TX is yet another new version, Rev 4. You'll also like the fact that the V252 remotes have black chrome instead of shiny chrome.

Our V262s........they are version 2 so if you have a V959 or V222 and want to use your modules, guess what? You'll be able to use them on the V262, which already comes with function buttons (I'll test later).

It's going to take awhile to get the V262's out. I'll try and get them up tonight or tomorrow but when you order it may not go out the next day because we're going to break the motors in, which takes time (have to rig up a 4 plug AC\DC setup and then a cooling fan to properly break them in without overheating them).

I've already stated that we have 52 Devo 7Es in stock. If you want a modded Devo with your V252\V262, I suggest you hold off as it's very labor intensive to mod these and we're still sourcing parts to make it easy for DIYers. The HiSky protocol has been added to the latest build by Victor and I'm flying my FBL 70 like it stole a V911 with my Devo 7E.

If you request it, we'll flash Deviation free of charge, keeping in mind that warranty become null and void if we do so.

For now we'll be offering the unit with the stock 'A2' module as an option. Diode mod testing is still in the works to find an easy way to determine its success without having to go out to a soccer field to test the range (it seems listening to the hum isn't a foolproof way to test it).

While you all are waiting for everything to become available, pass the time by listening to me make a fool of myself on TheCrashCast podcast. My interview starts at the 52 minute mark but if you have the time you should listen to the whole thing:

Here's the link to their page:

Was so stoked about the good news that I forgot about the bad news. We wanted to offer the perimeter guard for free with the V252s but WL Toys is holding off on producing them due to litigation. This is why you see all perimeter guards being offered with V252s as being X4 guards.

Hopefully I can update this post later tonight.

UPDATE 8/13/2013

A lot of progress has been made on the Deviation hack working with the Devo series TXs. The versatility is awesome. I can use my Devo 7E to control my V202, V212, V222 (including ALL the modules), and the V262. Since the Devo 7E only has 2 toggle switches the latest nightly build allows you to use the seldom used throttle and yaw trims as additional switches. You could also assign the roll and pitch trims for other functions as well.

I've uploaded the V2X2 configuration file, which will work guessed it, any V2X2 model here:

DLing the attachment works in IE but not Chrome or Firefox

The Devo 7E can be had for as little as $70 online and as far as running protocols, rivals the mighty Turnigy 9X. It's also small and compact.

Thanks to Phractured Blue, Victzh, Daryoon, Jason, and anyone else I've neglected to mention for all their hard work.

Here's the original post of the beginning of the WL Toys protocol implementation:

Daryoon's pinout diagram

UPDATE 7/23/2013:

Small update. We've been working with a customer who works for a company that makes 2.4 Ghz devices. They've analyzed the problem and it seems that you can mitigate and maybe eliminate the drop out problem and increase range with a few simple mods that I believe all owners are capable of performing without having to wait for the updated components from WL Toys:

1) Trim the antennas to 31mm. On the RX you include the end protruding through the PCB in your measurement.
2) Orient the RX antenna so it's perpendicular to the FCB. This means punching a hole in your canopy to accommodate this.
3) Remove the TX antenna cover and bend the antenna so it's perpendicular to the ground.....this is dependent upon how you hold your transmitter when flying.
4) On V212\V222s try flying without the lights on or at least disable the landing strip lights. The LEDs aren't properly isolated from the motors. I've noticed that they dim when throttle is applied and they also suck up a lot of juice. I run single-bulb LEDs with my light saber mod on mine now.
5) Disable the LED light strip on the TX that indicate power.

Those of you with persistent problems should try at least 1-4

They've done other mods that have already been attempted with good results as well (such as CReal's antenna mod). Modding the TX has reduced power consumption as well. Their TX mod also included replacing some SMCs for better frequency isolation, which is probably similar to what WL Toys is doing in parallel to the TXs that will be coming out. These additional mods were icing on the cake.

We now carry the new Mobius 1080p Action cameras

MassiveRC just received our inventory of Mobius cameras with accessories. We are already a verified 808#16V2 reseller and have contacted the developer to confirm with Tom that we are now a verified Mobius camera reseller.

We don't have them listed on Ebay, but directly from our store:


We have all the accessories in stock (in limited quantities until we determine demand). We're debating making an Ebay listing due to fees.

We also now carry the 808 lens extension cables as well in 8", 15" and 25" sizes.


Older news:

Our new batch of V212's will be shipped to us within the week (be here hopefully in 2-3). This batch is supposed to be fixed. I'm not going to stand behind that statement until some get out into the wild and get customer verification that it's true. Once we verify this batch truly is fixed we'll continue the negotiations with WL Toys to see what can be done for current customers.

To give you a hint............getting a BNF should be good enough. In addition, not every V202\V212\V222 was affected. I've been told about 1.5% were affected (please don't ask me for sources as it's confidential and I don't want to get into a pissing match about numbers either.......arguing about it isn't going to help solve the issue). We should however seperate the dropping-out-of-the-sky problem from range issues as they are indeed seperate and one can be confused for the other (hence CReal' and my little debate) and it could be possible you have both. You can see from my recent videos, that I don't have a range problem.

After further testing and customer confirmation, these new boards are better, but nothing earth-shattering. The vices have been tamed down a bit. The difference isn't significant enough in my mind to call it a V2. If they can get rid of the front-left dip and trim issues, I'll call that board\quad V2.

Turns out these 'new' boards simply had their accelerometers recalibrated.

We'll be offering BNFs and multiple options with the V212 such as different lighting and canopy options. If you want a V212 and V202 with only one remote, order the RTF V202 and then a BNF V212 as the BNF V202 is quad-only, no accessories, whereas the BNF V212 includes everything but remote.

Frankenquad upgrade package:

We already put up a V202 BNF:

Frankenquad V2 is truly amazing. We're very close to releasing it. See end post for details.

Previous News..........

We are now offering a Vitality H36 BNF version:

The Hubsan X4 Super Glue Special is all we have left in stock. We have props and spare body shells on order and handful of RX boards. We're now including rubber feet and 1 set of spare props. Our X4's have EA4000362 board revision:

And the X4 super-glue special:

Check out Chris' review from the RC Today Show:

Fast forward to 30 minutes into the show for the review on the V202

The Crash Cast's review (starts at 3:54):

RCPA's review (starts at 40:27):

Original post:

Just wanted to let you all know that James and I are going into business together. We're hoping that with both of us both being enthusiasts, that we can bring added value to the products not just from understanding them, but by directly influencing the product itself with our buying power, and also our direct personal relationship with these vendors.

Right now sales will be concentrated in the US as we all know getting product to US customers in a timely manner has been a problem or expensive.

We also don't want to be vendors that have to walk on others to get your business. There's plenty of $$$ to go around and sometimes the other vendor may be able to get you a better deal. We want to concentrate on providing good service to you and not badmouth other vendors to get your business.

With this being a new venture, there are going to be some bumps, so we apologize in advance. While we may do drop shipping, the majority of the product will be in our US Warehouse and you'll know where it's coming from and what's in stock. We will stock up heavily on spares so you can get them in a matter of days or a week. I believe that we can get good enough pricing that drop-shipping won't even be necssary. All In-house products will be tested before shipping out.

Time is critical for us to get up and running and product available before the holidays, but stay tuned. Because of the need to get up and running as soon as possible, don' t expect the website to be glamorous. We appreciate your patience.

I've sent a message out to the forum owner to make sure we're not violating any policies with this 'advertising' but haven't heard anything back so hopefully this thead won't get locked. We have to run as lean as we can to be succesful, and if things go well, we'll get some banner advertising going on.

Thanks and stay tuned.

Here's the Home Page:

Our store URL:
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