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BL-3G Iceman

Hey everybody,

I ordered my Iceman last Wednesday. It arrived Saturday talk about service. That was fast!
I am impressed with it so far Side by Side comparison.

The Guardian: (recieved quiet fast also)
It came in a hook hanger plastic package, the unit is in a flimsy not even square plastic cover, with instructions from an inkjet printer, and it cost $79 dollars. Which is not bad if it keeps the cost down on the unit. But it just appears cheaper made, and no USB cable.

The Iceman:
It came in a neatly packaged box with a "Quick Start Guide" poster. The manual is well thought out and organized, and a mini disk with the latest software package. The Iceman it self is in a hard plastic box that is square all around with concise labeling on the out side of it. It comes with all of the cables to include the USB cable. Most of all I love the price $59 and would be willing to forgo the book and the mini-CD to keep the price as it is. I liked it! A lot! Especially the Iceman itself and the Quick Start Guide! But I have not compared them both side by side in setup and operation.

I could loose the manual and the CD and get it off of the website. These are nice to have items. If it keeps the overhead and price down, I would ditch the manual and the CD.

I will try to compare the two in a side by side setup and operational comparison by this weekend. Stay Tuned!
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