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[QUOTE=RCvertt;23134734]First out door hover test. Nothing special yet but it's off the ground.

If anyone knows where I can get some blue wonder motors in the 1000kv range I think that would help swing my big three bladed props.

Pitch control is better than I thought it would be. Had no roll control though. When it lifted off I tried to roll it back into the camera frame but it wouldn't go. I'll have to bump up the TX input a little and try again soon. Motors might be a little weak also. I'll see if I can source some more powerful ones. I think these are 1300 blue wonders but I also had some 1500 kv at one point so I'm not exactly sure which ones these are. I'm swinging 9 inch three bladed props so I'm pretty sure they are the 1300kv variety or they would have smoked swinging such large props.


You can get a 1000 kV variation of the Blue Wonder at TrueRC

I don't think it will help you the way you think it will. The lower kV wind is more efficient but also has lower power so the maximum thrust attainable will not increase. Another choice to swing bigger props is the DT750. It's heavier but will provide more thrust and good efficiency.
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