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These setting you have now ,are they what you came to after tuning your P and I gain in the proper manner?
It could be just your movements of your Thr stick? Trying tuning like posted in the First page and check out the tuning video.

In a Nut shell

Turn your Hight damp and limit to 0 for tuning...

Turn your I gain to 0

Bring your P gain up 5-10 points at a time until your see the fast oscillation. Once you do, back it off until it smooths out.
Then start bringing your I gain up.Seeing you are at 0 start at 50%of what your P gain is. Then same as before start up'in ituntil you see the oscillation. But this time it is a slower, more like a wobble lol

So once there, back it off as you did with the P gain.

Then you can set your Height damp and Limit back to how you like.

That should workout the prob you are seeing ,unless it is your Throttle movements.
Video may help ;0)
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