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Keep the ideas coming! It can only help the product improve.
Are you guys talking about the holes for the top-drive?

I did a quick and dirty test this morning, doing a relative stiffness comparison between the old carboline wing with old foam, and the new carboline wing with new foam. Layups are similar, new wing has an improved layup, but mostly near the tips which shouldn't affect the results by a noticeable degree.

I held 1 end of the wing, and hung ~300g on the other wingtip, so the bending is throughout the whole wing. The newer wing at 91grams bent ~1mm more than the old wing at 105grams.
With this 14 grams, we can add a second full-length 1.5mm carbon rod spar and still not reach 100grams total, leaving room for more reinforcements to be added elsewhere.

This is giving me even more confidence in this foam more material. Not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but on glass surfaces the new foam gives more resistance to hanger rash, and the skin to foam bond is improved as well.

Now, we just need some real-world testing by ourselves!!!


From calculations:
Old core => New core with extra carbon spars
Carboline: 105g => 98g
Standard: 120g => 121g
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