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I finally got my hands on Concept 2.
First 2.5hours ,tired ,like I was working all day
Trimming went on gusty winds and ballasted to 270gr.
Trimmed her as much as I could and left the field, there was no flying ,just struggling with wind gusts.
But got back in one hour ,and found spot behind tall pine trees,which was blocking some wind,got rid from one chunk of led and soon fished another one from the fuse nose.Now I have plane at 260gr and almost no wind.Then flying started.

I loved her of course, as she is am amazing floater.
If beginner could afford such machine,I'd say she is a beginner's heaven.
I do understan now,why ALL You guys such a huge fans of Roland's masterpiece.So do I.

The only thing which I found ,C2 wing is flexes
on" snake turns" and looses energy more then my solid core planes.
I 'll be perfectly fine with it as from now on ,she is my #1 pleasant relaxing soarer.
Needles to mention ,launches higher then my both 260gr Salonits or even new ,more swept back wing Apus.

Also,I personally would use FAST digital (0.06-0.07)servo for elevator.
...but it is just me,I am not competitor and mostly flying in the places where people don't.Fast elevator servo would allow me to make faster maneuver
between buildings ,or close standing trees for instance.
Guys,do You secure Your canopy with tape or something,it keeps sliding back on me when catching on landings.
I got my C2 used and one of the wing servos has tiny slop,which is enough to produce flap flutter with nasty rattling noise while passing low and also means that I am loosing some altitude on launch...
But ,in general -I am happy camper
Thank You Roland for wonderful plane.
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