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Originally Posted by ENGINETORQUE View Post
That is one of his finer attributes I guess
Really... Why is that? In times of financial strife I have a hard time understanding people being against fiscal conservationism. How are we suppose to get our finances back on track if we continue to spend like there is no tomorrow... Oh wait a minute... I think I understand... To many in this country, there IS no tomorrow. Or, they think if they don't think about tomorrow and it's potential problems, it all goes away.

Helping the less fortunate and sharing the load and all that wonderful stuff are great when you can afford them. Does it make sense to borrow a dollar to feed a less fortunate person when you can't afford to borrow the dollar in the first place? Does it make sense to hold a gun to the head of someone else and force them to pay the dollar you can't afford?

ET, you seem to disregard our internal needs when you argue for who you think we should elect. Of course, I would expect no less. What do you care if our country gets it's economics back in order... as long as you're fears about our international policies are soothed then that's your idea of our best choice. Unfortunately, that's not the way a lot of people see it over here. We want our interests at home to come first and your interests can follow. Makes sense, doesn't it? Would you feel any different if the tables were turned?
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