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Originally Posted by heribert808 View Post
additional information to “SafelyRemoveDevice=0“.
After you do „Write Data to Drive“, GUI terminates ?normal?. But the drive is still
connected to the usb. The drive “must” now be disconnected by hand. Than everything is OK.
If you don't do it and you try to start GUI again, for instance, it leads to another error msg.
I believe it is better to do not drive disconnection via GUI.??

I still haven't had the time to test, but after the camera's parameters are updated the camera semi-disconnects itself making the drive unusable. I am aware of this problem but it is low on my priority list at the moment and most probably there's nothing I can do anyway.

However, I expect (hope) you can close the GUI and simply pull the plug. Depending on how you ran the GUI you may get a Windows error message telling you that the drive is no longer available. This is normal, for obvious reasons . In the early days of the GUI there was no built-in "safely remove device" and I'm sure many thousands of people just pull the plug on their #11s and #18s and #16s? without ever "safely removing" them beforehand. If you do this, Windows 7 may sometimes complain when you connect your camera again and ask if you want to scan the drive for errors. You can simply click away the warning message.

As long as you don't pull the plug while you are copying something to and maybe from the camera, I don't see any harm except it's not a super clean solution

In a future version I'll incorporate some error checking when the GUI is run on the camera's card, but this will not be this week or next week. Sorry
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