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The Sims? That's some kind of game isn't it. Isn't that off topic?

But just like The Sims, be careful that there are large differences between a simulator and real life, especially when you hook up a downloaded model of your chosen plane and expect to learn how to fly that specific plane. Simulators lie. They lie a lot. And if you haven't flown the plane you don't know what is true about what you learn and what is not true.

For a lot of reasons, home PC simulators are not ready to claim that kind of precision. You have a model that has been tweaked by an amateur to "that's about right" status with no connection to the real RC plane at all beyond by guess and by golly. And nobody can replicate anything that way beyond a couple of hundred 2 dimensional artists worldwide. This is 3D behavior and it is beyond human ability to replicate.

Only one thing can improve the state of computer RC simulators, and that is a minimum of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We wouldn't buy that.

As they stand now, simulators are a lot of fun. They give us the general impression of flying and are good for learning instinctive movement of the correct stick, especially when a plane is flying toward you. And they're something to do during bad weather.
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