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Hahaha, I just hope I dont mess up the build and shoot the weight up!
I did a quick test just by hand, the new one feels very similar or maybe even a touch stiffer than the old foam wings. I will setup a more 'scientific' test later this week and measure the deflection of both wings with weight at the tips.
Skin the foam bond is better with the new foam.
I think the real beauty is, old carboline wings are ~105, and the one with the new foam is ~91g. I have 14grams to play with which I can use to add a much larger spar, larger root doubler, or a host of other things.

Using them in tails will yield a 1-2gram weight reduction. We've tried it on some glass tails, and we found it to be super resistant to hanger rash which always seems to plague glass tails.

I'll pass the plane around to the pilots here to throw and try to break, if it holds up to their launches and proves superior on the workbench I will exchange it into the production planes.
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