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Originally Posted by Hajile View Post
If it's anything like the RX-701 + CopterX FBL, do not reverse any of the channels. Your TX is just a basic TX, no mixing, no trims, no servo travel range, all of that is configured from the PC (CopterX FBL but i use ZYX software =P). The only thing i had to reverse on the TX was the rudder, and that was only after i got everything else running.

Frankly, if i didn't get the USB data cable, i have no idea how i would have been able to get this to run. They shouldn't be selling the data cable separately.

EDIT: BTW, on the Devo7, set the swash to 1-Normal. Do not select any of the other swash types even if you're using a 120 swash. You set the swash type on the PC, not on the TX. If you select any of the swash options, the channels will end up complementing each other. That means, that to make the heli tilt left, aileron goes down, pitch goes up, to make it tilt right, aileron goes up, pitch goes down, to make the heli climb, all three goes up. Do not let the TX do that, pitch must only define pitch, aileron must only define aileron, elevator must only define elevator. Otherwise if you raise the throttle (increase pitch) and all three channels gets a command to go up because it thinks it's directly connected to a swash plate, the gyro will think you were trying to go up, right, and forward.
It worked man! I can believe this... After a month of madness... I was able to hover this copter x... It doesn't fly very well, but I think I can get things better. At least I know it can fly. Thanks Hajile!
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