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Density Comparisons - Depron vs MPF

I have read through most of the posts in this thread - but not all. So if this has been posted before, please forgive.

The measured density of MPF is 2.25 lb/cuft (from

Using the charts from (, here is a side by side comparison of the densities (Depron's are given in kg/cumeter - so I used a conversion calculator).

Depron Classic (crunchy) -- 6mm: 2.06 lb/cuft ; 3mm: 2.50 lb/cuft
Depron Aero (F3P stuff) --- 6mm: 1.74 lb/cuft ; 3mm: 2.06 lb/cuft
Model Plane Foam ---------- 6mm: 2.25 lb/cuft ; 3mm: 2.25 lb/cuft (sliced)

I ordered my box of MPF on Saturday, and I do intend to slice some down to 3mm with my hot wire cutter. If Adams ever makes a 3mm version of this stuff, it will probably be more than 2.25 lb/cuft, but I think this stuff will be very competitive to typical Depron uses (most modellers don't buy the Aero version). I can't wait to see how it slices and mills.
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