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So was/is this so called problem specifically related to the ICE controllers??? I have been using the PH-25's for quite some time on 4.1 and all has been fantastic.

Your atittude values seem freaky high Heck I run 90-90 atitude with my basic gains at 130 and it is solid as a rock. 200 seems awful high.


Originally Posted by Papajeff View Post
OK, all you Quad-Addicts, Hexa-Maniacs & Octo-Lunatics out there
in the Wacky, Wild, Weird, World of Multi-Copters

Castle Creations has done it!!!!!!!!!! The problems are solved with their new 4.2 Beta firmware!
How do I know this, you ask? I have been going crazy for the last 10 days trying to figure out
(yes, I have bugged all of you Guys on just about every MRC thread) how to get my AeroXcraft
Quad 670, with Castle ICE LITE 50 ESC, to get off the ground without becoming the Tasmanian Devil
(it twirrled and flipped like crazy at each of 8 attempts during the past 10 days).

Today was my final shot at it before I took a shotgun to it and went to re-program
the ESC's and saw the new 4.2 firmware. I loaded each ESC, put the Quad back
together, set my starting values on the NAZA assistant at;

165 pitch 165 roll 130 Yaw 130 vertical (I got these start values from one of your posts)
200 and 200 attitude

and then just went for broke! I gotta tell you that this giagantic pain in my butt, just
popped up off the ground, and just hung there in the air at about 10 feet steady
as a ROCK! I almost fell over and dropped my DX18, but a patio chair caught
my fall. I just sat there like a comatose Old Dinosaur (which I am, sometimes)
and was glad that I had done this in GPS mode. So that's my story and now
you Guys are aware that Castle has triumphed again for us. Now the ICE series,
as well as the Phoenix 25's, are good to go for any MRC!
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