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Well that race wraps up the season for me. Valencia is now just a thrash fest!

Is Casey riding injured?! He was 3 years in front of Jorge.

Dani,Dani,Dani. oh dear...

Cal gets a podium again and well deserved.

Ben Spies out for the last races and the Valencia test. He needs to find a priest, a white witch and anyone else who can lift the curse of 2012 from him.

Now the season is wrapped up I'll run through the teams. I stand by all my rider assesments posted previously, the Philip Island race just seemed to confirm everything I posted.


They've had chatter issues all season which are still unresolved. Despite that, the bike has been the class of the field all year. If they can solve that one issue, then they can be confident of having a world championship winning bike again next year. Even as it is, it is still a race winner. Should they choose to give that kind of equipment to the satellite Gresini/LCR teams then Honda will be filling up the top spots with ease.

It must be nice having a situation where they only really have one issue to sort out, meaning Valencia can be one long test session for them for 2013 to try a few new things.


They have been playing second fiddle in the works factory stakes all year. Jorges' consistency has kept them up front, and there is no doubt that the satellite team of Tech 3 has been THE satellite team of the year.

My concerns have been that they were on their last engines long before Australia and they have not been the dominant bike at the front in the last half of the year. The bike handles sweet but they have a lot of work to do. How the return of Valentino and Jeremy Burgess will affect things???... Somehow, Yamaha has to bring on the M1 quite a bit to win the factory battle. They have been marginal on fuel and have not had the race pace of Honda in the last half of the season. Heads down and test new bits lads...


They need to start from scratch. From the tealady to the top, everything needs a major overhaul. Time for them to get Audi in to sort things out and work on a 3 year plan to get back to the front again. Half measures simply wont do, it has to be a thorough job this time.

If it wasn't for Ducati having some money, the team would have folded the same way Suzuki and Kawasaki did. There simply can't be a continuation of what has gone on before.

The CRT gang:

Still work in progress, 2013 will be more of the same. However...

Now DORNA control WSBK, the rules will alter dramatically for 2014. There is no way WSBK can continue with using 40 engines a season against CRTs' 12. With luck, CRT should be a slightly faster version of a superbike in 2014 and I can also see more riders making the transition from WSBK to MotoGP.

Like I say, still work in progress, but when everything settles down I see more manufacturers running works teams in MotoGP which can only be a good thing because as it is, it really is a 2 horse race. If you're not on a factory Honda/Yamaha you don't have a prayer of winning. I do hope the might of BMW can be convinced to join they fray in a serious attempt, along with Aprilia and KTM. Maybe even Suzuki and Kawasaki could be tempted back, I hope they do.

Anyway, that's how I see it what about you?

Bring on Valencia, Casey's last race, Valentino's last race on the Ducati, Dani's chance of restoring some pride, Cal's chance of showing Herve that he backed the right horse, Bradl and Bautista's last chance to shine, should be a good race.
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