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real boats vs rc

Yeah, I agree Dick. I've never seen a keel that was half the length of the boat either... While the boats might be fast, they are lacking a realistic look IMO. For those that want bleeding edge in an established class, 10R might be the way to go. But what is in that picture looks more like a submarine with a unproportinally tall rig, compared to a real life counterpart.

Let's look at it another way, simplify it if you will...

Pinewood derby cars. The fastest cars look like little wedges. There's an amazing amount of planning and "design" that goes into that little wedge. axel angle, where to place the lead corrector weights, graphite powder added to axels, etc... but in the end, it's a little wooden door stop with wheels.

I'm not an idiot, I'm not going to be racing an RC TP52, expecting real world RC TP52 boat handling and performance, but I'd be willing to bet, a boat that resembles a real one, will be fun to race especially with onboard video, 2.4Ghz telemetry, and a spinnaker. Perhaps it's not the boat for the RC sailor that wants curved booms and unproportional rig heights and keel drafts... extreme narrow... that's not at all what this is for. If RC sailing is "purely" about the best and fastest, we better jump on the multihull foiling phenomenon.

So, perhaps it's not for the guy that sails a 10R... Its for someone that wants a fast, fun, exciting and technical boat. Box rule, that resembles the real thing. Is there something out there faster, sure. But at least on the computer with the VPP software, it beats a 1.7m and those are pretty exciting...

Perhaps it's not for the established RC sailor at all?
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