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The 2.4 band is also know as the ISM band; for Industrial, Scientific and Medical. There are a ton of devices on this band. Wireless routers, cell phones, alarm systems, garage door openers, the cordless phone in your house (though some are now in the 5 band).

Several years back Cisco, Nortel and other companies had a big pow-wow to discuss the possible interference of 'other' non ISM devices. They pretty much won, big business being what it is. In short, we are the new kids on the block and we are using a bandwidth that has long been used by other, bigger, national and international concerns. They probably have the clout to toss us out, but did not.

Going to a dedicated, single channel for each receiver is near suicide. The SS/FHS is far more secure and offers far more protection against the ISM devices already in use. Wi-Fi outfits are already moving to the 5 gig band due to congestion in the 2.4 band.

The RC manufacturers did the right thing by using SS/FHS.
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