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A few more detailed pics of the Autogyro:
Pic 1: this shows the underside and how various bits and pieces fit together. You can see that the 6mm CF tube 'keel' is simply bound with cf tows and cyanoed to the 8mm o.d. axle support tube, likewise to the short piece of 8mm tube accross the front GF side frames.

Short pieces of 6mm CF tube are cyanoed between the side frames ( half way up) and the battery tray is drilled with small hole either side of where the tubes lay and tie wrapped on. the length of these short pieces is dictated by the width of the heli main frame

The mounting for the rudder/nosewheel is cyanoed to the keel tube. Pushrod to the nosewheel runs to the top of the servo output arm, the rudder to the bottom. RX is servo taped to the underside of the battery tray.

Pic 2: Shows the top side of the GF battery tray with velcro stuck on good view of the CF tow lashing to the front keel support too.

Pi 3: Shows the front wheel steering and is self explanatory. A pal of mine cnc cut the bits but it shouldn't be too hard to cut and file something that will do the same job

Pic 4: Shows the rudder servo

Pic 5: Shows one main wheel, foam, 2.5" light as poss the lightweight wheel 'collets' are the centre bushes supplied with APC props ( you don't throw them out do you?) just cyanoed on, one inside the wheel and one outside.
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