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Thanks very much ihaveahellcat!

Ncrealestateguy, after glassing and a flow coat of resin (unless you skip it like I did which I don't recommend), you hit it with high fill primer. Spend a good deal of your life sanding it all off again to discover there are many bits of weave you missed, which means you have to high fill again and sand again. Repeat as necessary.

I highly recommend using 3M sanding sponges. They are great for curves and you can just whack them about to get the dust out. I have thick and thin ones. I use 100 grit for really fast sanding and then when it gets most of the filler off switch to a 220 grit sponge for fine sanding. You may behave to repeat this entire filling and sanding process a few times to get things all smooth.

After this, I then use prep sol (wax and grease remover) to thoroughly clean the plane. If you are doing panel lines now is the time to measure them up and lay your chart tape. Then switch to regular primer and paint two or three coats over the tape lines. They won't look as if they are covered enough because the paint kind of makes the tape look raised, but two or three coats will give you a nice deep line. Then give the entire plane one coat of primer over the whole lot...

Now you sand using your 220 grit sponge along the panel lines until you can see the tape, then pull it off leaving a nice groove. At this stage I found a few more pin holes that need spot filling with putty and re-filling. Final sand everything with the 220 grit sponge and you're ready for your rivets and final paint coat! Phew!

By the way I haven't seen a subscription email from your thread for a while. It going OK?
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